Wyze Thermostat Smart Room Sensors

Dave picked up a three-pack of these to help his Wyze Thermostat balance out the heat in his home. His thermostat is downstairs so he put a sensor in each bedroom upstairs. Now he, and his thermostat, know the temperature, and more, in each area.

Dave picked this on Episode 370: Mambo, but from Kenya


Wyze Thermostat Smart Room Sensors

  • Rid your home of hot and cold spots – place Wyze Room Sensors in important rooms and let Wyze Thermostat (required) balance your home’s climate. Wyze Room Sensor detects temperature, humidity, and motion to determine your perfect comfort feel.
  • Prioritize comfort only in occupied rooms – When enabled, Wyze Room Sensor uses motion detection to automatically set your desired temperature in the rooms you’re actually using.
  • Remote temperature viewing – Remotely monitor and adjust the temperature of your kid’s rooms upstairs or your furry friends down the hall with just a few taps in the Wyze app.
  • Place or mount anywhere – Easily pair and place multiple Wyze Room Sensors throughout your home in just minutes. Wall mount with the magnetic plate for easy viewing or use the included stand to set it down anywhere.
  • No wiring required, easy setup – Wyze Room Sensor quickly pairs via Bluetooth to Wyze Thermostat. Simply name each sensor individually in the Wyze app and never have to touch it again.


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