Wagyu Beef Tallow

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but seed oils are not good for you and they are everywhere. Beef tallow used to be hugely popular for cooking and Nate went to Amazon to track some down. This huge container has lasted him over a year. Get out there and cook better!

Nate talked about this in Episode 429: Day 26 of Apple Vision Pro

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South Chicago Packing Wagyu Beef Tallow, 42 Ounces, Paleo-friendly, Keto-friendly, 100% Pure Wagyu

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Listen to Nate talk about this pick:

2 reviews for Wagyu Beef Tallow

  1. Eliot Sprague

    Wagyu Beef Tallow is the best of the tallows for rendering at a lower temp which keeps the flavour of beef pure without the ‘flavour-scarring’ of unseen burning that can occur at the molecular level when rendering harder, inferior fat from less-managed lines of beef cattle. I have a bag of fat trimmings from a Wagyu brisket I smoked up. It is the finest tallow. I think you will really enjoy working with this Wagyu tallow in your next culinary adventure. As well, if you are looking for fine tallow to make a skin salve at home I recommend lamb tallow.

  2. Chelsea

    I don’t use this myself, but my husband does, and it makes for some delicious steaks, pork chops and other meats. I appreciate that it’s better for us than seed oils.

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