Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia Extract

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Dave is trying his best to avoid sugar and found a great solution. Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia is his alternative to slightly sweeten his coffee. He has tried several brands and this is the one he believes in. The container isn’t that big but you only need a pinch and get a fun, tiny

So good Dave picked this on both Episode 331: Various Nefarious Things and Episode 375: Chinese Balloons Inside Your Phone

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Organic Stevia available in both powder and liquid form.

1 review for Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia Extract

  1. Eliot Sprague

    This is good stuff. But I cannot get TJ branded items in Aus without a premium. I have to use other brands… but lately I have chosen monkfruit tablets as a sugar substitute and it is used as a staple of immunotherapy for recovering cancer patients. So monkfruit has that going for it … which is nice.

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