Thwip app for Apple Watch

Nate came across this fun and free app for his Apple Watch. Who knows when you will need to cap a sentence with an air horn or make a thwip, the sound of spiderman’s web shooting from your wrist.

Also, make sure to check out for the developers other great apps!

Nate picked this on Episode 374: Self-serving Nonprofit

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Thwip for Apple Watch

Your portable soundboard, right on your Apple Watch, for free! *air horn noises*

Enhance any joke with an appropriate “badum tss”, an awkward moment with “crickets”, or an epic announcement with “air horn” — you can play all these sounds from the surprisingly loud speaker on Apple Watch.

But there's more — with “Thwip Mode” you can feel 0.5% more like you are a cool arachnid-based super-hero… at least you'll sound more like one.
I trust you.

Included sound effects:

  • Air horn
  • Rim shot
  • Dramatic horn
  • Tadaaaaa
  • Sad trombone
  • Service bell
  • Crickets
  • Power-full Rangers?
  • Web-shooting


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