Orion Web Browser for iOS

Dave has tried just about every web browser on iOS. He’s currently loving the free Orion browser for it’s speed, safety, and functionality. His favorite functionality is to be able to decide on a per-app basis if it it will open in a web page or kick you over to the app. If you’re looking to try a different browser on iOS, check out Orion.

Dave picked this on Episode 372: Kill and Yank

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Orion is a fast, free web browser for iPhone and iPad with no ads, and no telemetry. Check also Orion for your Mac desktop.

Orion has been engineered from the ground up as a truly privacy-respecting browser. We did it by embracing a simple principle - Orion is a zero telemetry browser. Your private information will never leave Orion by default.

And to protect your privacy on the web, Orion comes with industry-leading anti-tracking technology as well as a powerful built-in ad-blocker.


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