Donut 80

Dave loves Donut Games almost as much as he loves donuts. So he was happy to find this free app with “demakes” of many of their games. Retro graphics on fun simple games is a sure win for us!

Dave picked this on Episode 373: Money, What’s it Even Good For?

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What if Donut Games were made in the 80s?

Donut 80 is a collection of games and demakes of classic Donut Games featuring low resolution graphics, 16-color palettes and chip music.

No matter if you are an old fan or never played a Donut Game before, this collection will keep you entertained with lots of NEW LEVELS and THEMES to explore.

Games Included:

  • Beach Roller
  • Hooland
  • Unicorn Skyride
  • Hard Hat Run
  • Monkey Flight
  • Goat Flight
  • Mummy Flight
  • Ruberth's Kick n' Fly
  • Sunday Lawn
  • Clean Up Charlie
  • Shovel Time
  • Royal Cut

This app is free and contains no subscriptions, and no in-app purchases.

This app contains cross-promotion for other Donut Games.


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