Wyze Night Light

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The Wyze Night Lights are a great way to shine a little light where it’s needed. They’re battery powered so they can be mounted anywhere. You can also link them together so if one senses motion they all turn on.

They can also be purchased in a 6-pack on Wyze’s website.

Nate picked these on Episode 302: Sleepy Stupor and Dave picked them on Episode 365: It’s a Thing

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  • LINKABILITY – Link up to ten WYZE Night Lights. When one night light turns on, all ten will light up.
  • DUSK TO DAWN + MOTION SENSORS – WYZE Night Light has a built-in light sensor so it only turns on in dark environments. With a PIR motion sensor, the light will turn on only when motion is detected.
  • EASY ON THE EYES – 2500k Warm/Soft White color temperature means more soothing light for the night. Back-lit light shines onto your wall instead of shining into your eyes.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Included easy-pull tape and metal mounting plate makes mounting simple for Wyze Night Light and recharging painless.
  • BATTERY POWERED – WYZE Night Light has an internal lithium battery that can be recharged through its USB-C port.

2 reviews for Wyze Night Light

  1. Chelsea

    These are handy for hallways and bathrooms. They are sleek and minimal in appearance. Our daughter loved that they came with little animal stickers you could put on them. They are easy to set up and they work well. It’s nice that they can be placed anywhere and you don’t have to worry about plugging them in, but then that means you have to charge them occasionally. I’d like it if there was a light or something that let you know when they need a charge.

  2. David Baehler

    I use these at work and at home. They’re affordable and really add a nice aesthetic to hallways and stairwells.

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