Super Mega Mini Party

Dave (and maybe his family) love a good simple party game. He came across this in Apple Arcade and likes the fun, simple games.

Dave picked this on Episode 392: Chinese Tetris Nuggets

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Compete with players from around the world in hyper-casual competitive mini-games or throw a Super Mega Mini Party with friends!

- 20 challenging multiplayer mini-games.

- Perfect your skills and earn achievements in solo training mode.

- Explore Super Mega Mini World as your favorite character.

- Take your favorite game into a 1v1 battle against other players.

- Challenge up to three other players in a rapid-fire round of mini-games in a Super Mega Mini Party.

- Battle against the island’s AI to unlock content and see how you stack up against the perfect gaming machine.

Unlock New Characters, Pets & Mini-Games

- Start with a set of 10 super mega mini-games, and challenge other online players to unlock more.

- Win multiplayer matches to unlock alter egos for your favorite characters.

- Pets will follow you around and emote with you.

Watch Dave talk about this pick:

Listen to Dave talk about this pick:


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