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Nate likes his drinks cold, so when he found this product, he had to try it out. Put it on your can, turn it on in some ice and get a quick chill! They now have an option that is a drill bit.

Update 7/16/24: I have reached out to SpinChill as they have not been active on social media and are no longer available on Amazon.
Nate did find this alternative on Amazon and has ordered to review: ZipChill Instant Beverage Spinner Chiller, Universal Can Cooler for Drinks, Rapidly Chills Beer and Soda Cans in 60 Seconds, No Batteries Required, Lightweight Small Portable

Nate picked this on episode https://notnerd.com/episode-76-get-your-pants-off/.

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We made a video 6 years ago about the Spin Chill:

1 review for Spin Chill

  1. Chelsea

    This is a handy tool that works like magic, but you have to have the right situation for it. You have to have a lot of ice, but if you do, you can chill your cans quickly. It’s an impressive party trick as well.

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