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I am almost as passionate about food as I am tech. I started PDX Fast Foodie to document my fast food adventure. I never knew that shortly after starting I would start to change my diet. About 18 months after I started I went hardcore No Sugar, No Grains. I cut out almost all carbs and sweeteners in my diet and ended up documenting my journey and more importantly weight loss. Who knew that eating a bunch of crappy fast food all the time wasn’t good for me. I still eat fast food, I just do it differently now. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for all kinds of food and health stuff!

Nate picked this on Episode 75: Dead Giveaway

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Nate picked this on Episode 75: Dead Giveaway

1 review for PDXFastFoodie

  1. Chelsea

    A fun account to follow for good food information and reviews!

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