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I cannot emphasize enough how important Grammarly is. Whether I’m typing an email, rage tweeting, or putting together a website, Grammarly’s tools to correct spelling and grammar are key. I feel naked typing without it. The free plan is a no-brainer, but I pay the $20/year to support them and get the extra help.

Nate picked this on Episode 71: Don’t Copy That Floppy

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Our digital writing assistant supports clear and effective communication.

At Grammarly, we strive to help people understand one another, whenever and wherever they communicate. Every day, 30 million people around the world use our AI-powered product to strengthen their writing and say what they really mean. Our writing assistant supports clean, mistake-free writing while offering suggestions that go way beyond grammar.

Our cutting-edge technology pushes forward what’s possible.

Using a variety of innovative approaches — including advanced machine learning and deep learning — we consistently break new ground in natural language processing (NLP) research to deliver unrivaled assistance in our product offerings. That’s why we were recognized by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative AI companies.

Nate picked this on Episode 71: Don’t Copy That Floppy

2 reviews for Grammarly

  1. Wesley

    This app has saved me so many times! Nothing worse (well maybe a few things) then publishing something only to find out there are spelling errors in your writing. The free version is a no-brainer. Highly recommend.

  2. Bosco – North Platte, NE

    Great product. I didn’t need it though because I lettered in my letters.

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