Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope

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Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones & Tablets (White)

Nate got this gem for Christmas and is loving it. Great quality video and works great to make sure your ears are clean.

Nate picked this on Episode 368: The Red Lights of China

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1 review for Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope

  1. Chelsea

    I purchased this item for my husband for Christmas because it was on his Amazon wishlist. I joked with him that it is the most reluctant gift I’ve ever purchased because I get squeamish about this type of thing. I have no desire to look inside my or anyone else’s ears. I am glad that he wants to keep his ears clean, I just have no desire to see or hear about it. Based on his rave reviews, it apparently works very well. If this is your thing, this is a great product at an affordable price.

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