Dymo Handheld Label Maker

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Now I’m definitely not the most organized guy around, but this label printer has helped me improve that weakness. Labeling computers for clients, labeling bins, or just about anything else really helps keep track of things. Having one that is handheld and battery powered is a real game changer.

Nate picked this on Episode 60: Chalupas, Chips and Comics

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The DYMO LabelManager 160 prints durable, water-resistant labels that make it easy to access files, charts, tools, and more. A familiar QWERTY-style keyboard lets users quickly enter text, then edit and customize with one-touch fast-formatting keys for a perfect, professional label every time.

Nate picked this on Episode 60: Chalupas, Chips and Comics

1 review for Dymo Handheld Label Maker

  1. Chelsea

    Very handy for labeling and organizing things around the house. Also a good source of fun! My husband, young daughter and I have all found good uses for this tool. It’s easy to use and works great as well.

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