Anker 777 Thunderbolt Docking Station

Dave has lived in Dongle Town for too long, using multiple dongles and adapters to get everything plugged into his laptop. So he took advantage of a Black Friday deal and picked up this 12-in-1 docking station on Amazon from one of our favorite brands, Anker. It has almost all the ports you would want from HDMI to SD Card using the super fast Thunderbolt 4 connection available on his M3 MacBook Pro.

Dave talked about this on Episode 416: AirPods, They’re a Thing

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Anker 777 Thunderbolt Docking Station (Apex, 12-in-1, Thunderbolt 4), Max 90W Charging for Laptop, 20W Power Delivery, Single 8K, Triple 4K Display, 10Gbps Data, Ethernet, Audio, SD

Watch Dave talk about this pick:

Listen to Dave talk about this:



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